Putting it all together... again.

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Recovery Maintenance Principles for Nurses evolve over many years of work, practice, and many discussions. I found, in my work as executive director of the Florida Intervention Project (lPN) for Nurses, there was little material available on relapse prevention for health professionals in general and for nurses in particular. The recovery maintenance principles described here fill this void in the relapse prevention literature.

The idea of developing informational modules on relapse prevention specific to the needs of recovering nurses began about 10 years ago. It was clear that there was a crucial gap in the treatment, recovery support, and monitoring of nurses in Florida's IPN. Through conversations with trainer Roland Williams, IPN staff, nurse support group facilitators, and recovering nurses throughout the state the idea for this workbook began to take form and suggestions for module topics and content came forth. Modules were subsequently designed and tested. Formal implementation began initially through the IPN nurse support group network. lPN's 85 nurse groups allowed for approximately 1,000 recovering nurses to participate in module assignments and discussion. Subsequent formal and informal feedback from participating facilitators and recovering nurses has been extremely favorable.

The first workbook received great success. It was used by several State Nurse Monitoring programs (e.g. Washington State, Tennessee, Texas, and Louisiana) and many individual nurses who preferred to work the text in solo and/or with a recovery sponsor and/or peer group. On-going feedback from Group Facilitators, Alternative to Discipline Program Directors and individual nurses has been critical to the continuing success of the Recovery Maintenance Model. We have found that the principles within Recovery Maintenance Workbook for Nurses are easily trans ferable to other recovering health care professionals and are based on the premise that daily action is at the heart of a solid recovery commitment.

The second edition of the Recovery Maintenance Workbook for Nurses was printed in 2010 along with the addition of a Facilitator Companion Guide for group leaders who use the Workbook within their groups. Continuing education credit is also available now for nurses who work the modules. In States were mandatory continuing education is required for on-going licensure; nurses have found the ability to obtain continuing education for their module work an added benefit! My dream for nurses in recovery to have solid relapse prevention materials is being realized thanks to my co-author Dr. Gretchen LaGodna and many others who have helped along the way!

Linda Smith, Gretchen LaGodna, authors.